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Saving Cash On Fuel And Car Covers

Do you often wonder how and why your gas levels vary from tank to tank? Do you feel like you fill your tank more often at times? Your gas mileage can fluctuate from tank to tank, depending on how you drive.

How about a few tips on increasing fuel conservation? First, buy a fuel efficient vehicle. Smaller cars/trucks with a manual transmission will give you longer lasting fuel management. Newer cars tend to be more fuel efficient.

Unfortunately, buying a new car isn’t always an option. With that in mind, enjoy these helpful tips for your good, used, albeit less economical, vehicle.

  • When driving longer distances, set your car to a steady speed using your cruise control. This will keep you from going back and forth on the throttle.
  • Do not let your car sit and idle for long periods of time. If you are going to be away from your car for any length of time, or just sitting in your car, turn the motor off. Restarting your car will use less gas than letting it sit and idle.
  • Keep your car at a comfortable temperature on the inside. Use the air conditioner moderately. You can use the defroster on most cars and it also uses blows out cold air without putting a strain on the air conditioner.
  • When driving higher rates of speed, keep your windows rolled up. The wind blowing into the car can cause a strain on your car, causing as much as a 10% increase in your fuel consumption.
  • Make sure your tires are properly and evenly inflated. Just one tire off balance can cause you to lose fuel!
  • Stay off the gas pedal! Most of us can be heavy footed when it comes to taking off, but if you steadily accelerate into a good consistent speed, you can cut gas consumption by 20%.
  • Stay at a constant, moderate speed when possible. Driving faster will not save on gas, which is a myth that we all like to believe
  • Keep your car serviced and tuned up at all times. Properly maintaining your car’s engine, filters and other areas can give your car longer life and lower gas consumption.