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Which Truck Fits You?

When it comes to half-ton pickups, three models dominate the market. In 2017, the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge RAM 1500 accounted for 81% of the total light duty trucks sold in the US. The topic we’re about to dive into has been dividing truck enthusiasts for generations. The preference for one manufacturer over another often runs in families. If dad and granddad both own a particular make and model truck, showing up at a family gathering driving a competitor’s offering comes with significant level of peril.

Don’t worry — we won’t attempt to give a final verdict on this long-running debate here. What we will do is take an objective look at each of the Big Three truck models and examine the pros and cons of each. Aside from your family heritage and personal preference for one manufacturer over another, identifying the most important features in a truck makes it easier to pick the one best suited to your needs and desires. We’ll be examining important factors like sticker price, engine size, fuel efficiency, and towing and hauling capacity. Lastly, we’ll take a look into the past to see which models are most likely to stand the test of time. For the sake of consistency, we’ll be comparing the 2018 models for each model.